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Eye Bags & Dark Circles

Dark Circles, puffy eyes and eye bags can add years to your face, leaving you looking tired and stressed.

There is a significant difference between normal, everyday ‘under eye circles’ and serious ‘dark circles’.

The former may be a result of stress, lifestyle issues or lack of sleep, whereas the latter is a more specific medical issue caused by blood leaking from capillaries and depositing in the under eye area. Once there, the blood oxidises, turning into a dark purple ring resembling a bruise.

Face the Future Men have the latest products from Danne Montague King and Aesthicare. These are called Eye-Tone and Cernor XO, which can remove dark circles from around the eyes. These are available to buy at the clinic starting from £39.99. Please call for more details - 0113 282 3300.

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