Face the Future Men is a private skin clinic dedicated to providing a range of treatments tailored specificaly for men, from Botox to Laser Hair Removal, at fantastic prices.

Facial Rejuvenation for Men


Microdermabrasion utililizes very fine crystals that are swept gently over the epidermal layer of the skin. This treatment can give good results as a one off skin treatment before an important or special event, to give the skin a real boost and a glow. Microdermabrasion can also be useful as part of a combined programme of treatments to help escalate results in more serious skin problems, for example acne and sun damaged skin. This pain free treatment lasts approximately 30 minutes and includes a deep cleanse and skin rebuild. Phototherapy Lights can also be included to stimulate collagen and elastin and detoxify the skin.

Any build up of dead skin on the surface epidermal layer, (excess keratinisation) can lead to a dull, sallow and tired looking skin. This excess keratinisation can also complicate conditions like acne and sun damaged skin, making them more difficult to treat. Microdermabrasion helps to sweep this build up of dead skin away, leaving skin looking brighter and more even toned.

An immediate brightening effect is seen with this treatment and skin appears smoother, brighter and more even toned.

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Energy Lift

Energy Lift is the very latest technique in facial massage, this is a totally unique and natural facial massage.

This unique treatment comprises of natural marine extracts with natural algae hormones incorporated into an intense manual face-lift giving immediate visible results, which intensify throughout the course. This technique is so unique it is ONLY available in Yorkshire at Face the Future Men.

Skin feels revitalised and energised. It will feel instantly tighter with a glow that will last for days.

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Photorejuvenation can be used in the treatment of age spots, freckles, uneven pigmentation, lines, wrinkles and redness. Face the Future for Men can knock years off your age with Photorejuvenation.

Many of the signs of aging and sun damage can be reduced by this non-surgical treatment, revealing healthier, younger looking skin.

The skin is prepared, using either a skin peel (for problem skin) or microdermabrasion (for normal skin), followed by Intense Pulsed Light Treatment (IPL). Pulses of red light can be used to stimulate the growth of collagen and elastin fibres in the skins deeper layers to improve firmness and texture, whilst yellow light can be used to treat broken capillaries and abnormal pigmentation.

The skin appears fresher, brighter and tighter after just one treatment. Pigmentation marks fade and freckles and age spots can disappear altogether. Lines will be reduced via a ‘skin tightening’ effect.

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