Face the Future Men is a private skin clinic dedicated to providing a range of treatments tailored specificaly for men, from Botox to Laser Hair Removal, at fantastic prices.

Other Hair Removal Methods for Men

As well as Laser Hair Removal, Face the Future Men provide 2 more alternate methods of hair reduction.

Advanced Electrolysis

Advanced Electrolysis is an effective progressive permanent method of removing hair growth. Face the Future Men's Advanced Electrolysis treatments have proven results. Advanced Electrolysis is most effective when removing grey and stubborn hair.

If you are looking for a form of hair removal that is safe for the entire body and is permanent then electrolysis hair removal may be what you have been searching for.

Advanced Electrolysis can be used over the entire body, however is best for removing small areas of grey / blonde stubborn hair. If you have a large area of hair you would like removing, you want to try laser hair removal.

Alkaline Wash

Alkaline Wash is pain free and is most effective when treating fine downy, fluffy and blonde hair. Face the Future Men's Alkaline Wash treatments have proven results.

The Danne Alkaline Wash system is a remarkable treatment designed to reduce fine, downy facial hair. This type of hair is very difficult to remove as the hair growth is usually dense and would take a long time to treat with electrolysis. The advantage of Alkaline is that you can remove large areas of hair in one treatment with no discomfort as with other hair removal systems.

Alkaline wash is particularly suitable for asian skin types, especially on the cheek areas.

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