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Pigmentation Treatments for Men

Pigmentation is discoloration of the skin and is formed when the Defense System of our skin over produces melanin. It can be categorised into two types, which is based on the underlying causes of Passive or Inflammatory.

Before and After Pigmentation

Throughout life, lifestyle choices, environmental damage and sun exposure all take their toll on our skin. Age spots, freckles, lines and wrinkles can all be signs of premature ageing and the damage caused by the type of environment we live in and the lifestyle choices that we make.

Enzyme Therapy for Pigmentation is an effective re-surfacing procedure, which gives dramatic results, by systematically applying a blend of natural plant and fruit sugar acids to the skin. The strength of the formulation will be tailored to suit your requirements and the procedure will take between five and ten days, giving time for old skin to ‘peel’ away, revealing newer, healthier cells beneath.

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