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Rosacea Treatments for Men

Many men experience skin complaints related to the vascular system within the skin.

Before and After Rosacea Treatments

For some, this can be experienced as flushing or blushing, for others the skin is easily irritated resulting in heat, skin tightness, swelling or spots. More acute conditions suffered can be the appearance of thread veins on the skin’s surface, or fully developed rosacea, which is experienced as acute red inflammation of the skin’s surface.

Often a combination of treatments is used. DMK Enzyme Therapy helps to remove stagnant blood from the capillaries and improves skin health. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is then used to destroy the dilated capillaries, improving both skin tone and condition.

DMK Enzyme Therapy helps by removing stagnant blood from the vessels and restores skin to a normal healthy function. The Intense Pulsed Light effectively removes the dilated capillaries by coagulating the blood in the tiny vessels. The vessel then collapses and disappears.

Results are excellent, with a visible reduction in troublesome ares, right from the first treatment. This highly successful treatment can end years of misery associated with blushing, flushing and high colour.

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