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Wart, Skin Tag, Verruca & Milia Removal Treatments for Men

Warts, Skin Tags, Verrucas and Milia can be uncomfortable and often embarrasing blemishes to have on the skin. At Face the Future for Men Leeds, our professional team use techniques to remove these permanently.

Before and After Wart Removal and Verruca Removal

A consultation is needed for this treatment, with each treatment lasting approximately 15 minutes. The tip of a small probe is used with a tiny energy current to remove the blemished area. The treatment itself is slightly uncomfortable but easily tolerated. There are minimal after effects, with a little tightness and scabbing to be expected.

Types of Warts, Skin Tags and Milia that we can remove:

Different Types of warts

The tip of the finest, smallest probe is introduced along the line of the blemish and a tiny energy current is discharged. The current destroys the vessels ‘feeding’ the problem and ‘starving’ it of nourishment, resulting in its eventual demise.

A wide diversity of skin blemishes can quickly and easily be treated with immediate and effective results. Skin blemishes such as Skin Tags, Warts and Milia can be successfully removed, leaving a clearer, healthier looking skin. This treatment is suitable for men and woman both on the face and on other body areas.

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